PC Health Check

The most comprehensive PC Health Check anywhere for just £40.00! (Incl. VAT)

  • System boot check (errors recorded)
  • Internal wiring check (devices checked for correct fitting)
  • Boot configuration files checked
  • Virus, spyware and adware check (total removal of all viruses found)
  • Windows updates download and installation
  • Memory modules tested to 6000% industry standard tools
  • Hard disc integrity test using industry standard tools
  • Internet test
  • Email test (send and receive)
  • Email security settings checked
  • Disc defragmented
  • Registry checked and optimized
  • System fans checked
  • DVD drives testing and lens cleaning
  • Device drivers tested and updated where necessary
  • Audio testing
  • Graphic cards tested in all available resolutions
  • Other PCI cards where applicable
  • Floppy disc and other drives tested if fitted
  • Final boot up test carried out
  • System cleaned inside and out
  • Advice on upgrades

Note: No repairs that will result in additional costs will be carried out without contacting the owner.